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The bear path

The bear path

Green way to bear

Actualizado el 20 enero 2017
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Green way to bear

The best option to find brown bears in Asturias, is going through the most green walked path of Asturias. This path receives its name because it was in the past the path that miners used to go to the mining area. In the mid-nineteenth century a road for trains was built in order to transport the coal from Proaza and Teverga to Trubia. One century later this road was abandoned. Today without rails and trains, it transports sensations, sports and nature.

The bear path, in the present day, it is the ideal route for walking lovers and cyclists. Its ethnographic and natural richness is characterised by old tunnels and bridges. It is a 22 kilometers long road that starts in Tuñón and ends in the locality of Entrago. It is an asphalted road, with a protective fence, fountains and signs which inform us about the local flora, fauna, monuments, alternative routes and useful advices.

In this area eleven bridges have been rebuilt in order to cross the rivers Trubia, Picarós, Teverga and Llanuces. Thanks to them we go from side to side of these rivers. We will also cross a big number of tunnels that were transited by trains in the past. Some of them are more than 100 metres long but they are provided with lights.

Apart from this, there are also numerous recreational areas to enjoy our meals. But probably the most interesting attraction of this route is to have the chance of observing the two asturian bears: «Paca» and «Tola» which live on a fenced mount. They live here since 1996. They were found when they were very little in the mounts of Asturias. We can see them at mid-day when they are fed around 12 in the morning. It is the Bear Foundation that is in charge of all this. The people who belong to this foundation, fed the bears, keeps the installations and attend to visitors. In this area a small viewpoint has been built to observe better this enclosure.

Now we go back to our initial path which follows a deep valley which is close to a river, between rocky hillsides of limestone and quartz and with vegetation formed by forests of native trees and chestnuts.

How long does it takes?

If we do this route by bicycle we may take into account the existent unevenness between the starting point and the end (145m. and 450 m. respectively). It is a wonderful route for cyclists of all levels. The time spent on this route will be around three hours.

If we do this route on foot, it will take us around 3 hours and 45 minutes. At the end of this walk we will feel that this route has been really worthwhile. We can find car parkings areas in Tuñón and Entrago, in the starting and ending points of this route.

A shorter walk on this route is also possible. It only depends on our free time and our fitness. In this case we especially recommend the route that starts in Tuñón (Santo Adriano) and goes up to Proaza, a 6 kilometer long walk. But we can even choose a shorter walk, a 2 kilometre walk, that starts in the recreational area of Bullera and ends in Proaza, where the House of Bear is placed.

This last one is also a very good choice. In this point we will be given different information about the brown bear of the Cantabrian mountain range.

Tuñón – Proaza: 6 kms.
Proaza – Valdemurio: 8 kms.
Proza – Entrago: 14 kms.

Can we do it by bicycle?

Deporventura offer you bicycle rental in the path of bear.
You will discover charming villages with their typical buildings (granaries, bread baskets, fountains…), you will cross the old railway tunnels belonging, amazing gorges like Peñas Juntas and Valdecerezales you can not resist to photograph. You will find beautiful landscapes as Valdemurio reservoir in the municipality of Quirós, with different recreational areas in which to take a break. The route is perfect for the whole family.

Deporventura offer you some models of bikes:

· Mountainbike
· Citytrek bike that combines the comfort of a city bike with the versatility of a mountain bike
· Electric bicycle
· Tandem and semitándem
· Prams, take 1 or 2 children
· Ergonomic chairs mating on the back of bicycles
· Bikes without pedals
· Karts pedal for use in the recreational area or in our circuit

Deporventura more information rental bikes in bear path

Información de interés:

Access : Oviedo (Km. 0), the N-634 to Trubia (km.12) or taking the motorway, take the local road towards Proaza / Puerto de Ventana and get to the recreation area Tuñón (Km. 18), where it is the monument to Brown Bear and a recreational area.

On the way there are several companies that rent bikes for use on the road, bicycles of various types, including with children's seats in Tuñón, in the area of Buyera find where to rent them.

Bear House Museum Proaza.
Tel.: 985 96 30 60/985 76 10 53
Fax: 985 96 37 15
Parking bear path, Entrago : 43 ° 8 '17' 'N / -6 ° 6' 24 '' W. RV Parking free.

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Coordenadas Latitud: 43.2920761 Longitud: -5.9813690

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