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Surfing in Asturias

Surfing in Asturias

The best waves

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The best waves

Asturias, in addition, has got its own history about surfing. Some native legends, myths and superstitions talk about the «Espumeru», a boy who rides a high wave and wets in the sea foam. Since a lot time ago, in Asturias many people practise «bodysurfing» or «surf». This activity consists of approaching a high wave and be carried by it up to the beach shore only using our body and extended arms; and swimming quickly over the crest of the wave at the time it starts to break.

It was in 1960 when two natives of the city of Gijón; Amador Rodríguez and Félix Cueto started to practise surf in the beach of San Lorenzo, becoming two important figures of this sport in this Principado of Asturias. Then two clubs are created, the one of Peñarrubia and the surfing Cultural Group Covadonga, both in Gijón. By the year 1967 two Australian surfers, Peter and Robert Gulley started to train in the village of Tapia of Casariego, what created a great number of fans among the sportsmen of this area. In 1969 the Club Bajamar is opened in this same locality. In 1971 a competition before the Spanish Championship, is celebrated in this village. In 1972 there were two races that count for the national championship, one celebrated in Gijón and another in Tapia of Casariego.

Today it is common to find a concentration of surfers in the «Escalera 10» at the beach of San Lorenzo. And in the last years in Asturias, there have been celebrating the world, European, national and regional championships. Here we can also find different modern types of surfing such as shortboard or longboard this last one very trendy nowadays.

Among the 200 beaches located in this Astur geography, probably the most ideal for practising this sport are the following, because they are the most well known and also because many championships have been celebrated there.

Some of the best surfing beaches of Asturias

Beach of Rodiles (Villaviciosa).This is one of the best beaches for surfing in the North of Spain. It offers different possibilities. On low tide, in the Western point of this sandy area, there are many strong and high waves. On high tide and towards the Eastern there are also good high waves. This beach is also located in a natural reserve of great beauty. It is also widely known that in this beach we can probably find the highest waves of this country. For this reason, it has been compared with Mundaka.

Beach of La Grande (Tapia of Casariego). It is in the occidental asturian coast limit. It is also one of the first beaches in which surf started to be known in this region. Currently the European Championship is here celebrated. This sandy area has a blue flag (A good distinctive) and also counts with two spots: one which is the most known, that is that here we can find high waves from East to West and the other characteristic is that this beach also offers left waves on medium tide. This beach is small but offers the best of conditions to fly.

Beach of San Lorenzo (Gijón). This is an urban and crowded beach, also one of the biggest in Asturias (it is 1’5 km long). Along this beach we can find several peaks of water from the right to the left. On high tide we can find counter waves. On low tide, on the western limit of this beach, a high wave breaks with different sections. Ladders 9 and 10 are a meeting point for all surfers. This beach has a long tradition in this sport and counts with its own surfing club.

Salinas and El Espartal (Castrillón). It is located towards the Northeast, counting with famous beaches to surf. It is very long so we can find a lot of possibilities to practise this sport. There are a lot of peaks of water from the right to the left and in «El Espartal», towards the West, there are also right waves. We can surf from 2 up to 12 feet. It is normally frequented by surfers because it is close to several urban centres.

Beach España (Villaviciosa). It is oriented towards the North, so its Southwest and Southeast winds are really favourable for surfing. The bottom of the sea has sand and flat rocks. Its best moment is when there is medium tide. Waves break near the shore so they are good for practising this sport.

Beach of Verdicio (Gozón). It is located towards the Northeast. This beach offers waves from the left limit with empty sections.

Beach of Xagó (Avilés). We can enjoy this beach in winter and summer time. It is a very open area so it does not need to much the sea. In both limits we can enjoy good waves on low and high tides. It is usually crowded because it is close to some surfing points such as Avilés or Salinas.

San Antolín (Llanes). It is an open sandy area oriented to the Northwest. Here we can surf on high and low tides. Southwest and Southeast winds are really favourable. It is not usual to find people surfing in this beach. But when weather conditions are favourable we can spend here an unforgettable time.

Beach of Santa Marina (Ribadesella). It is an urban beach oriented towards the Northeast so it is protected from all winds except for the North wind. This beach offers high water peaks. It also has a long surfing tradition. It is very common to find people swimming in the water overall in summer time (In winter only the brave).

Beach of Vega (Ribadesella). Open sandy area oriented to the Northeast. When the conditions are good we can find waves from right to left. It is overall a summer beach.

Peñarrubia (Gijón). Good waves depending on the tides. The bottom of the sea counts with sand and pebbles. There is also a flat reef that offers many but not dangerous waves.

El Mongol (Gijón). Here we find right waves with different sections that can be taken when the sea allows it. Its bottom counts with rocks. Sometimes it can be a bit dangerous if we do not take into account the tides.

Beach of Cueva (Valdés). It is oriented towards the Northeast. Good right and left waves overall on low and medium tides. It is an open beach with a bottom of sand. Its favourable winds are those from the Northeast and South.

Otur (Valdés). It is also known as «Brutal Beach». It is a small beach with right and left water peaks that break in bottoms of sand. Its favourable wind comes from the Southwest.

Frexulfe (Navia). It is oriented towards the Northwest. It offers brave and strong waves with different sections.

Beach of Navia (Navia). It is oriented towards the North. It is a long beach with different possibilities. In the middle of this sandy area we find a lot of waves from the right to the left. In its western limit there is a point called «El Moro» that when the sea conditions are favourable, it offers good right waves. There are also good waves on high and low tides.

Peñarronda (Castropol). It is orientated towards the North. It offers good waves with water peaks from the right to the left. There are good waves on low and high tides but the best waves are on medium tide.

Surfing Schools in Asturias

· Nakel Adventure
Located in the town of Ribadesella, Nakel Adventure has own surf school, plus a section «Nakel camps» with different modalities and all with our seal of quality and familiar and personalized treatment. They organize a safe and healthy leisure. Find out about their surf camps for children and youth from 8-15 years.

More info Nakel Aventura

· Surfing School Ribadesella
Our courses and surf camps are held at the beach in Santa Marina, Ribadesella, using the Playa de Vega located five kilometers as an occasional alternative. Surfcamps offer of 2, 5 and 7 days accommodation in our Surf House combining surf with plenty of activities on the beach, paddle boards, skate lessons, video corrections, barbecues … Phone us!

More info  Surfing School Ribadesella

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