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Museum of the Cider – Nava

Museum of the Cider – Nava

From apple to cider

Actualizado el 25 octubre 2016
Museum of the Cider – Nava

From apple to cider

Very few things have the power to represent the true essence of Asturias like two simple things, apples and cider. This fruit as well as its juice are part of the tradition and also the modernity of this region. They are also linked to social relations and Asturian character. The cultivation of the apple tree in the Principado dates from a long time ago. There is written evidence before the arrival of the Romans to this land in the chronics and latin archives. The first historical reference of this cultivation dates from the times of the Astures.

The village of Nava, in the geographical middle of this region, has the privilege of housing a museum relevant to its Asturian identity. The locality has shown respect for this museum from the very beginning and in this village the apple is the main symbol. In this same town council is the biggest production of cider along all of the Northern peninsular. The quality of this cider is extraordinary and has recently been given the appellation d’origine to underline the quality and taste of the cultivated product. Nava is at the head of cider production, paying much attention to the quality required and housing a museum where one can feel the pure essence of Asturias.

The hall has a big counter where all the information about the exhibitions, guided visits and different translations are offered. The building is also prepared for any disabled visitors so, the place is welcoming and hospitable for everybody, with its spacious rooms and high ceilings.

Through a tunnel we go from the reception to where the exhibition is located. The visit has the intention of following the process the cider goes through, causing the visitor to realise the effort that goes into creating something so simple yet satisfying.

Now, we reach Autumn and we can see the different types of apple used for the preparation of cider. Once they are selected, the apples are chopped in order to make pressing them easier. The steps are easy to follow because everything is related to the apple and its juice. If we are interested in seeing the entire process we must purchase a ticket.

Visitors can enjoy the different processes related to apple juice before it is turned into cider. As if we were in an old cellar, we experience events that took place during the 19th and 20th centuries because the objects used in the demonstration are very similar to the old ones.

Once this process is finished the cider should be left to stand in a cellar before it is drank. Drinking cider is very popular and can be experienced properly in an Asturian cider bar or sidrería. This museum also includes some places which are so popular for drinking cider and they also show their daily consumption. Many traditional games are also linked to cider and its process inside this museum, and we can also find a traditional bowling alley.

Behind this social drinking event lies a lot of regional folklore. Visitors can try their hands at playing electronic bagpipes or simply listen to the traditional sounds that are stored in its memory.

The microcosms of this museum range from the smallest speck of pollen to the crowded parties in which people drink a lot of cider. The music makes these parties more joyful listening to the bagpipes drums and tunes. Asturias is clearly defined by its traditional music and also by the deep smell of fresh apples.

This museum also has an educational programme that can be asked for at the information desk. The Foundation that is charge of this centre is not only worried about advertising but also for the biological and technological improvements related to the cultivation, production and consumption of the cider.

Asturian people really deserve a museum like this that illustrates the natural essence of the region.


Información de interés:

Plaza Príncipe de Asturias, s/n.
33250, Nava

Contact telephone: 985 71 74 22

More information: Museum of the Cider

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